Claire McKenna passed away October 12th of 2022. Across the world today we have sadly witnessed many accidental overdoses due to drugs that are laced with fentanyl. This unfortunately happened to our Claire. We hope that she is now at peace and looking over her friends and family. We want Claire to be remembered by her infectious smile, kind personality and amazing ability to make music. She was an amazing singer and creator. Claire’s story upsettingly was twisted and sensationalized throughout articles on the web, creating a false narrative of her passing. Although we attempted to remove information that went against journalistic guidelines and facts, not all of the publications spreading this information were cooperative. We want everyone to know that these articles are deeply false and wildly insensitive. We have put a lot of time and work into deleting them and addressing the sources who sold false information for a story. The family wants people to know the truth and so would Claire. We ask you to remember and honor our beautiful Claire by continuing to listen to her music, which can be found at the link below.

Want to hear Claire's music?